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Start Lists

Start Lists can be downloaded at any time during the season for all scheduled races up until mid-night of a specific race day. After the race day, that specific race will no longer appear in the Race List.

To download a Start List, ‘Select’ the desired race from the Race List. Choose which category to be listed (‘Varsity’, ‘Junior Varsity’, or ‘X’). Use your browser ‘Print’ button for a print friendly version of the Start List for that race to be sent to your local printer.

Any Start List generated will be labeled “Unofficial” if that race is not yet “Closed”, after which time the Start List will be labeled “Official”. By default, a race is closed 2 hrs before the official race start time.

Un-checking the ‘Show Empty Slots’ box will remove all empty seed slots from the displayed or printed Start List. Sometimes schools, for various reasons, although participating in a specific race may not timely populate their school’s race roster before that race is officially “Closed”.

All generated Start Lists will display the race name, date, class, status, and race Officials for that specific race.